Remote controller for SM-Series wireless transmitters with voice output.

Fast and easy to use remote control for your SM-Series transmitters by sending an encoded audio signal via the attached microphone using your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

Includes sounds for setting the :

- Sleep mode (on / off)

- Lock mode (lock / unlock)

- Power mode ( 50 mW / 100 mW / 250 mW)

- Audio mode (0 - 44)

- Frequency mode (486.400 - 870.300 MHz / Block 19 - 33)

All sounds can be played with an optional voice command in different languages (English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian).

The voice commands can be changed individually for each language.

The frequencies can be selected via block and channel or entered alphanumerically in 100 kHz steps

Also includes a night-mode and a volume control not attached to the mute switch of your device.

Due to region settings, the power sounds may not work as intended. In this case an alternative set can be used

Your receiver must be software- and hardware-enabled for remote control. Some of the implemented features might not be supported due to the series or software version

(The voice commands can not be changed on your Apple Watch directly but synced from the parent iPhone.)

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