Your finances - under control - in realtime!

Due to card payments, online bookings, subscriptions and other digital transactions, the overview of your financial situation can be lost. Live Budget brings back control and gives you unprecedented insight into your income and expenses.

Besides all typical features of other budget tracking apps, LiveBudget gives you numerous realtime views to assess your current financial status. You get an accurate overview of your present situation and the app displays your income, expenses and their progression in an intuitive and self-explaning way. Always keep track whether you generate profit or loss.

Record all your turnover and LiveBudget will calculate your running costs per second, minute, hour or day and visualizes how your budget is changing recently.

Revenues and expenses can be entered with minimal effort, repetitions are generated in typical intervals and displayed in categories and groups. If required, a receipt can be assigned, either scanned via camera or taken from your photo library. In addition, the location of the record is stored. Your ientries are color-coded, organized into groups with associated categories and illustrated with customizable icons. Of course, sales tax or VAT can also be taken and will be calculated automatically.

The evaluation of your finances and their presentation and calculation can be performed either per calendar year, per month, in a two-week interval or over a period from the beginning of the year until the present day.

For example, LiveBudget can help you find answers for the following questions:

- How much does my car cost me per day?

- What do I spend on streaming services per year?

- How much have I spent on my rent so far?

- What is my income per second, minute, hour or day?

- What percentage of my expenses do I spend on clothes?

- How much does my new iPhone cost me per minute?

LiveBudget comes pre-installed with eight groups, each with eight categories which can be changed, added or deleted anytime. Customise the app entirely according to your personal needs.

LiveBudget runs also in Dark Mode and can be previewed on your Home screen using the built-in widgets. So keep an eye on your finances and check out your current budget in realtime without opening the app.

For further data processing, you are free to export your budgets on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis as .csv file. Of course, the data is also synchronized via iCloud to all your devices and stored securely. You can define multiple users and manage their budgets separately.

All your data remains in the app and there is no exchange or forwarding of your data at all. Calculations and evaluations are hundred percent performed on your device, which guarantees maximum security of your data.

Tracking your personal budget has never been easier. Install LiveBudget today and take back control of your finances.

Your finances - under control - in realtime!

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