Dreharbeit - Überstunden

Streamline Your Film Industry Workflow with Dreharbeit - Time Tracking and Invoicing Made Easy!

Revolutionise your professional life in the film industry once again with Dreharbeit - the successor to the successful app Überstunden.

Dreharbeit sets new standards and enhances and simplifies all the features you loved about Überstunden.

With Dreharbeit, time tracking, timesheet creation, and invoice calculation become a breeze. Precisely capture shooting locations and commute distances, track the use of your own equipment and consumables, and generate professional invoices and documents as PDF.

Dreharbeit offers you all the advantages of its popular predecessor and so much more.

Easy Time Tracking: Effortlessly track your working hours with Dreharbeit, whether on set or afterwards. No more tedious paper timesheets; instead, enjoy an intuitive app that saves you valuable time.

Professional Invoice Calculation: Calculate your fees, including all applicable supplements, with ease. Dreharbeit generates professional timesheets that meet the high standards of the international film industry.

Detailed Shooting Location and Commute Calculation: Precisely capture shooting locations and commute distances. Dreharbeit records all relevant information, providing you with a comprehensive overview of your professional activities.

Capture Own Equipment and Consumables: Track the usage and costs of your own equipment and consumables in detail. Dreharbeit simplifies invoicing and enables transparent cost control.

Customizable Settings for International Filmmaking: Dreharbeit offers extensive customization options to adapt to almost any conditions in the international film business. Tailor the app to suit your specific requirements, ensuring accurate and efficient invoicing.

Efficient Invoicing: Generate monthly or project-specific invoices as PDF. Keep track of your expenses and create professional invoices for transparent cost control.

Dreharbeit - the ultimate app for all professionals in the film industry. Save time, maximize your earnings, and stay in control of your work and expenses. Experience today why Dreharbeit is the improved and simplified successor to Überstunden, setting a new standard in the film industry.