Do you work in the movies or for TV? This App is especially made for you.

Capture your working hours, your locations, etc and calculate your working time, your surcharges, your earnings, your driving costs, your absence from home and many more.

Create and export relevant documents (e.g. Time sheets, Personnel questionnaire, etc.) as PDF-file to the production-office via mail.

Export your data and values to your iCloud-Calendar or as CSV-file.

Überstunden is developed for you as a film professional, so that virtually all of the whole annoying arithmetic-stuff and paperwork will be simplified or abolished.

You will find no better App that will satisfy your needs as film- or TV-professional.

Überstunden is designed for german film and television professionals and is based on the German Working Time Act (Arbeitszeitgesetz) of 6 June 1994 and the collective agreement for employed film and television professionals (TV FFS) valid from 01.01.2018. Tax relevant calculations refer to the German tax legislation at the level of 2021.

Some calculations, formulars and documents may not been valid or relevant in countries other than Germany.

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